The Muslim Youth of North America has a long and telling legacy of youth empowerment and leadership development. As the youth organization of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), MYNA has touched the lives of many American and Canadian Muslim youth over the past 30 years offering the social support and national networks to mold "MYNA kids" into leaders in their local communities and the next generation of Muslim activists in America.

Today, MYNA is growing bigger and better, spanning across more regions than ever and building a massive nationwide network of dedicated Muslim youth thinkers and activists who are determined to become leading voices for sociopolitical development and change in their own communities and abroad. Being a "MYNA Kid" may start at a retreat, but it is under the MYNA philosophy of "For the Youth & By the Youth" that helps shape our youth into educated and skilled leaders with an attachment to their Deen. Since our first camps in 1985, our alumni are now successful doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, parents, students at elite universities, and more, but the legacy of MYNA in their lives continues on.

The spirit and history of our organization and their leaders continues to thrive, as we aim to reach more youth and families across North America. May Allah (SWT) continue to bless  MYNA and its volunteers.