1. What is the MYNA Quran-a-thon?

It is a fund-raising initiative to get youths between the ages of 8-19, across the USA, to
read as much Quran as possible this Ramadan.
MYNA has 6 different regions in the U.S. (Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, North Central,
South Central, South Atlantic and Pacific). The Quran-a-thon will encourage a
healthy, friendly competition between the regions to see who can read the most. Make
sure you know which region you’re in because you’ll be asked to select one when
There will also be 2 levels of readers participating, Beginner Quran readers and
Advanced Quran readers . Again, make sure you understand which level you are in
order to make the right selection when registering
Participants will be raising money for two great causes. Future MYNA initiatives and
Islamic Relief .

2. Are YOU a Beginner Quran Reader or an Advanced Quran Reader?

A. Beginner Quran Readers have just started reading Quran in Arabic and it is difficult for
them to finish 1 or 2 pages per day. They will be getting pledges for total pages they
read between Day 1 and 25 of Ramadan. ***Note: It is difficult because of lack of
capacity, NOT lack of effort. It’s difficult because they just learned Arabic and don’t have
enough practice in it. Those who can read fluently but just “don’t want” to read a lot
DON’T qualify as Beginner Quran Readers.

B. Advanced Quran Readers are fluent in reading Quran in Arabic. For them finishing a ½
to 1 juz (chapter) a day is not a struggle. They are capable of reading 1 Juz a day or
close to it. They will be getting pledges for total juz (chapters) they read between Day 1
and 25 of Ramadan.
***Please note that the standard Quran Mus-haf has 20 pages per juz (chapter) in it.



3. What are the dates for the Quran-a-thon?

The Quran-a-thon begins Tuesday, May 15th and ends Friday, June 8th, 2018 . So Day 1 is
May 15th and Day 25 is June 8th, 2018. It is a 25 day period for you to read as much Quran as

4. How do YOU (as a participant) raise money in this?

Every participant of the Quran-a-thon receives a pledge form through the link provided. The
number of sponsors/donors you try to get is unlimited but a good minimum target of 5
sponsors/donors should help you make a healthy contribution to the Quran-a-thon. The ifo
required on the pledge forms will be self-axplanatory but if you have question, email
admin@myna.org or quranathon@myna.org - After getting your initial contact info from your
donor, the communication process will be electronic through PLEDGESTAR. We will have
directions and details regarding this posted on our website for you.
Example: If you are a participant, you would reach out to a minimum of 5 people around you
and ask them to sponsor you for the Quran-a-thon. You would tell them that this is an initiative
by MYNA to get all children between 8-19 years to be reading as much Quran as possible and
to raise money for MYNA and Islamic Relief. You would ask them to pledge a DOLLAR
AMOUNT for each PAGE or JUZ you read (dependent on whether you are a beginner or
advanced reader). Potential sponsors will pledge you different options like $.50/page or Juz or
$1.00/page or Juz, etc. You will have them sign your pledge form with their basic info and
DOLLAR AMOUNT and you would tell them that moving forward, you will stay connected with
them though PLEDGESTAR via email or text. On the 25th of Ramadan, you will let them know
exactly how many pages/juz you have done so they know how much they have to give you in
DONATION MONEY according to the pledge they initially made.
Example of Beginner Quran Reader:
Donor pledges you $2/page. You end up reading 31 pages by Day 25 (June 8th). Donor owes
you $2 X 31 pages = $62. You communicate this amount to donor and they can pay it through
Example of Advanced Quran Reader:
Donor pledges you $1.50/Juz. You end up reading 27 juz (chapters) by Day 25 (June 8th).
Donor gives you $1.50 X 27 juz (chapters) = $40.50. You communicate this amount to donor
and they can pay it through PLEDGESTAR.

5. How do YOU (the participant) benefit from this? What is in it for the participant?

MYNA prides itself in being a non-profit youth organization that is f or the youth and by the
youth . This initiative is getting children across the USA to be doing the best thing they can
possibly do in the month of Ramadan which is to read the Quran.
Benefits for Participant:
A. The PRIMARY benefit of the participant is the reward with Allah swt of getting closer to
B. The result of this initiative is raising money for a nonprofit organization that has been
serving the the Muslim youth across the U.S. for over 30 years with conferences, camps,
seminars, workshops, and other amazing programs that focus on youth becoming closer
to Allah (swt) and Rasool (saw).
C. Sponsors have a GREAT opportunity to give their ZAKAT and SADAQA to a great cause
in the month of Ramadan where every such effort is REWARDED IMMENSELY. Every
person a participant approaches for sponsorship is being GIVEN an AMAZING
opportunity to GIVE for the sake of ALLAH (SWT). That’s an opportunity of Hasanat
(REWARDS) knocking at sponsors DOORS!!!
D. A percentage of the proceeds raised will go to ISLAMIC RELIEF USA t o help all those in
need and that is something DIRECTLY raised by the beautiful efforts of the participants
of the Quran-a-thon.
E. Participants will learn to be involved in healthy competition for the sake of Allah’s
pleasure, meaning trying to read more than their fellow contestants to be the one who
reads the most in their category or even trying to raise more funds than their fellow
contestants to give the most to the causes mentioned above. “They are eager to do
righteous work; they compete in doing them.” QURAN 23:61 They will also learn to
approach people and not to hesitate to go forward to speak about the causes they are
passionate for or they believe in. This will build confidence and help them for future

6. When do YOUR sponsors/donors pay?

According to the set up, sponsors should pay you starting the evening of Day 25 which is June
8th because by 5 pm of June 8th, the competition finishes and you should have a TOTAL TALLY
of how much Quran you have read. You al ready know what your sponsor’s pledge amount is
so you have to calculate that with the amount you read. We would like to ENCOURAGE you to
collect between Friday, June 8th-Sunday, June 10th . ***NOTE: Some donors who might
give a flat amount (not related to how much you read) might pay you sooner than Day 25.

7. How do my sponsors/donors pay?

We encourage and highly recommend all donors to pay through PLEDGESTAR because its an
organized and safe way for us to colllect and that is the online portal we are using for this event.
If your sponsors choose to pay by CASH or CHECK then that will be acceptable as well. Please
BE CAREFUL when collecting CASH or CHECKS and remember that it is an AMANA (TRUST)
you have that belongs to MYNA.
CHECKS: Checks should be made out to “MYNA FLEX FUND” and the MEMO should say
Both cash and checks should be collected and kept in a ziplock back that you should hand over
to your parents for them to send it to us.