Oklahoma 2019 Summer Camp

If you want your children to prosper with the proper tools and drive that is necessary to survive as a young Muslim in today’s world, send them to MYNA. Support a community that will provide children with the confidence to make it through any obstacle and climb any wall growing up in 2018 throws at them. Community has the power of turning a word - religion or faith - into a way of living that will support them for the rest of their lives. Parents, the future of Islam rests in your hands. This is it.
— Yusuf Baig

It’s the greatest source for clarity, a guidance, a mercy, and a glad tiding for those who believe.

It’s the lifeline we turn to when we are in need, the playbook to help us reach the ultimate prize.

It’s the Quran, the ultimate Truth sent down from God, and the Book whose message and miracles youth will explore this summer.


WHO: All youth ages 12-18

WHAT: Oklahoma’s Annual MYNA Summer Retreat. Join us this summer in Oklahoma and spend a week reconnecting with revelation and building a spiritual connection with the Holy Quran.

WHEN: August 3-9

WHERE: YMCA Camp Classen (10840 Main Camp Rd, Davis, OK 73030)

WHY: MYNA is different. MYNA is special. MYNA is not just another youth group. The reason behind this is simple - MYNA is dedicated for youth, and managed by youth. Through its various leadership camps and other offered programs, MYNA not only empowers Muslim youth to become engaged and active leaders in their spheres back home, whether its religious, social, or even political, but gives them the platform and skills they need to succeed. The friends you make at a MYNA retreat will be people you will always be able to rely on, talk to, and who will always support you, regardless of distance. 

RECREATION: Archery, BB guns, tomahawk throwing, hiking, kayaking, swimming and water toys, rock climbing, horseback riding, and indoor and outdoor game space.


  • Arrival: (If flying) into OKC between 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. (If driving) arrive by 5 p.m.

  • Departure: (If flying) out of OKC after 4 p.m. (If driving) by 12 p.m.

COST: Register before July 14 and pay just $390. After that, prices will increase to $500.

PACKING LIST: Check out the suggested packing list here.

SAMPLE PROGRAM: Check out what a sample typical day looks like here.

DRESS CODE: Check out the MYNA dress code here.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: Here are the rules campers must follow during camp.