Join us at MYNAcon34 in Houston, TX this year to learn more about how you can find your inner passion and purpose through self reflection. Our sessions will involve learning more about what purpose means in Islam, and how we can use our skills and the opportunities around us to leave an impact. Don’t forget to stop by at our bazaar booths, located in the main bazaar area as well as the 3rd Space Youth Lounge to buy brand-new additions to our merchandise collection and find out how you can get involved with MYNA.


Ignite Your Inner Flame.

Yesterday, we walked blindly along a path. Yesterday, we were shown the way. Yesterday, we were taught to listen and never question. Yesterday, we were asking for someone to show us. Yesterday, we were subservient to everyone else. Yesterday, we were lost. Yesterday, we were waiting for...

Today. Today is the day. The day we get up. We walk confidently on our own path. One we pave. One where we listen to ourselves. One where we are found. One where our purpose is our passion and our passion is our purpose. 

Yesterday is over. Today is here. 

Speak, don't mumble. Fight, don't surrender. Live, don't survive. 

We are living in our yesterday. Show the world our today.


Where: George R. Brown Convention Center

001 Avenida De Las Americas,

Houston, TX 77010

When: Labor Day Weekend: August 30 through September 2. MYNA’s program begins Friday afternoon and ends Sunday night.

Who is it for: The MYNA convention is open to all, but is geared towards youth ages 12-18. 

What will we be doing: This will be a weekend filled with amazing speakers, life changing talks, and interactive activities designed for your benefit. Whether you’re interested in global issues happening overseas, getting a selfie with top NBA athletes, participate in basketball and ping pong tournaments, or participating in our open mic session, there’s a place for you in the MYNA zone. Getting ready to leave high school? There will a session dedicated entirely to acing your college applications providing a great opportunity to set you up for success!

Learn directly from top scholars and influences like Yasir Qadhi, Mufti Hussain Kamani, Zahra Billoo, Omar Suleiman, Linda Sarsour, Trevor Noah, and many, many more!


MYNA ALumni Dinner

come catch up with old friends, make new ones, learn what myna has been up to and take a trip down memory lane.

Snacks and refreshments will be provided!

myna alum final (1).jpeg