Midatlantic 2018 Winter Camp

Dissociating from your desires is not letting go of your nafs, it is more so learning to control it. MYNA camps, and this whole organization, are both a hub for breeding friendships and connections that may benefit youth’s life for years to come. One week of being around people that may live thousands of miles away from you, and quickly creating magnetic bonds that will last a lifetime. Organizing an event as such is a true blessing; seeing the smiles of others and the impact that something Allah allowed you organized has on them is a beyond valuable.
— Humza Qureshi

In the era of a new message, the time when Islam was first introduced, they were the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) greatest companions. In every state of Islam––the trials and the successes, the defeats and the victories––they were the people who showed great strength of unity and fearlessness in the way of Allah (SWT). They were the people who firmly stood with our beloved Prophet (PBUH), who laid their lives for he prosperity of this divine message. 

They were the stars in our Prophet’s orbit. 

And they are the lives and legacies that will be explored this winter.


WHO: All youth ages 12-19

WHAT: Midatlantic’s Annual MYNA Winter Retreat. Join us this winter in Maryland and gain insight into the lives of the Sahabah and how their stories apply to our own today.

WHEN: Dec. 23–29

WHERE: YMCA CAMP TOCKWOGH (click to see camp website) 24370 STill Pond Neck Rd, Worton MD 21678 (click for directions)

WHY: MYNA is different. MYNA is special. MYNA is not just another youth group. The reason behind this is simple - MYNA is dedicated for youth, and managed by youth. Through its various leadership camps and other offered programs, MYNA not only empowers Muslim youth to become engaged and active leaders in their spheres back home, whether its religious, social, or even political, but gives them the platform and skills they need to succeed. The friends you make at a MYNA retreat will be people you will always be able to rely on, talk to, and who will always support you, regardless of distance. 

RECREATION: High ropes, archery, climbing wall, bonfires!


  • Arrival: (If flying) into BWI between 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. (If driving) arrive by 5 p.m.

  • Departure: (If flying) out of BWI after 4 p.m. (If driving) by 12 p.m.

  • Bus route:

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 11.29.53 AM.png

COST: Register before 12/9 and pay just $390. After 12/9, prices will increase to $500.

PACKING LIST: Check out the suggested packing list here.

SAMPLE PROGRAM: Check out what a sample typical day looks like here.

DRESS CODE: Check out the MYNA dress code here.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: Here are the rules campers must follow during camp.