Financial Aid

MYNA will never let anyone’s financial situation get in the way of a youth attending camp or any other MYNA program. We offer scholarships for all qualifying families but the key is to submit the necessary forms as soon as possible. The number of scholarships awarded is based on the level of contributions received each year. The amount of scholarship will be determined on a case by case situation and is subject to availability of funds.  Please review the scholarship guidelines listed below to see if you are eligible to apply.

Scholarship Guidelines:

1. If you fall under the income reflected on our financial aid info, you can apply for financial aid for any of the programs/camps under MYNA.

2. Qualifying families may receive scholarship for their child/children to cover registration fees. There will be different schemes awarded on case by case basis, depending on funds available.

3. Scholarships are dependent on 1) proof of income and 2) all other documents requested. If a tax return is not filed there must be something submitted to show the monthly income of the family, no exceptions.

The committee will make all efforts to meet the need for financial assistance. The above guidelines are necessary in order to provide funds to the greatest possible number of applicants.

Dr. Haroon Rasheed Scholarship

This scholarship is generously sponsored by Dr. Haroon Rasheed, focused on granting fully funded camp registration to campers who come from households with a single parent or guardian, refugee families or other backgrounds that may hinder a families ability to send their child to camp.  Apply now through the general financial aid application and we will make all efforts to distribute as many scholarships and as many funds as possible.