Productivity in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan continues, and many of us are in our working lives or in school. Some of us in high school and college even have final exams soon. For those who have to be productive this Ramadan while fasting, here are some tips on how to do so!

1) Eat a good suhoor

Eating a healthy, filling suhoor is important for you to have energy to work throughout the day. Your brain will not focus as easily if you do not get the energy you need! See our previous blog post for ideas about what to eat for suhoor.

2) Plan your schedule accordingly

You have to make sure you get enough sleep while still getting all of your work done. If you have more energy at night after iftar, budget some time for work then and take a power nap in the afternoon. If you feel revived after eating suhoor, working early in the morning is the best way to be productive.

3) Sleep!

Our sleep schedules can always get messed up in Ramadan. Whether it is coming home later after taraweeh or getting up very early for suhoor, we are tired during the day. To be productive, we cannot just sleep all day. Short, 30-minute or less power naps are key for you to regain your energy while fasting.

4) Avoid watching TV, going on your phone, etc.

Our brain tends to relax when we start watching TV or using a screen too much, and this can make it difficult to get back up and work some more. Limit your screen time so that you can focus on getting your work done, getting enough sleep, and being closer to Allah!

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