My MYNA Journey

I never would’ve imagined that a single organization can completely reshape and help form a true identity of yourself that was never discovered before. Coming to my first camp in 2015, I thought of it simply as a single event I would be attending just to have fun. But this camp opened up a long journey of a closer relationship with Allah (SWT), a family of so many friends and connections within the organization, and a life changing experience for myself. It opened up a whole new segment of opportunity and realization between myself and Allah (SWT) and without MYNA, I don’t know what other source this guidance and blessing would’ve came from. After my first camp, I felt like I was fully part of this growing family, so much so that I wanted to get even more involved with the organization. Going on my fourth year as a part of the MYNA family, every single event creates an opportunity to attain knowledge, establish new friendships, and strengthen the personal connection between myself and Allah (SWT). Whether the event is simply a one night local Qiyam, or a weeklong regional camp, the benefits and effect it had on me has always been the same. I believe everyone needs something in their lives that will help truly discover and create a self identity to the fullest potential, and for me, MYNA has been an integral part of that process.