Alhamdulilah for MYNA

One of the things I thank Allah (SWT) for the most is MYNA. So far I have only attended three camps, and they have each helped me immensely as a Muslim. Before my first camp, I was hesitant to go because I was just being super shy. However, after some convincing from my family, I decided to try it out. That decision was one of the best decisions I've made in my life because the friends I made became my best friends and the general atmosphere of camp made me a much better Muslim. Like a lot of people, I was struggling with my Iman a little bit but things like having a group prayer for all five prayers with Dhikr afterwards really helped me out. Another thing about MYNA is that it has the special ability to be educational and beneficial but very enjoyable and fun. Lecturers don't just sit there and give long monotone speeches about bland topics. Lectures are always about a new topic that's beneficial and interesting to the youth. Lecturers at MYNA are also very good at not speaking with a continuous boring tone; they're very engaging and fun. Besides lectures, one of my favorite memories from MYNA was at Illinois Winter Camp 2018 when Ameen Atta and I put together a Family Feud gameshow for entertainment night and included random trivia questions as well as questions about MYNA. Although there were some technical difficulties, it worked out well and everyone had a good time Alhamdulilah. All of these good experiences with my MYNA family made me feel at home at camp.