MYNA Tips for Ramadan

Ramadan is right around the corner, which also means that the spring camp cycle just ended. I mention that because it’s always important to apply what we’ve learned, and now that every Muslim’s favorite time of year is approaching, we are putting in every bit of effort to better ourselves. Here are some helpful tips that I’ve learned from my time with MYNA:

- stay in sujood for ten minutes and just let your heart talk.

- think of all the things you can’t live without and make them priorities.

- look for the good, and you will find it.

- read, recite, or listen to an hour of quran a day

- replace music with podcasts, lectures, and nasheeds or Quran.

- make the best of every situation

- try to learn something new about Islam or the people of it every day

- choose to help out wherever you can

Make them habits! These aren’t much but they’re all ways to get jannah points up and you’ll feel much better.