Homemade Skincare!

Skincare regimens which actually work for your skin can be difficult to find and can be expensive. However, you can make an entire skincare routine out of the items that are in your kitchen!

Here are some ideas:

Face wash/cleanser - honey

Get some natural honey, add some water or lemon juice to it to thin it up, and scrub it over your face to cleanse! Honey is known to clean all the dirt out of your pores while clearing your skin.

Toner - Cucumber juice

Take one medium-sized cucumber, cut off the ends, and peel it. Place the cucumber in a juicer or blender and strain out the pulp. The resulting liquid can be a refreshing, cleansing toner! Just dip a cotton ball into the juice and gently rub it all over your face

Refreshing facial spray - Rose water

Rose water is amazing for your skin in many ways, from softening it to clearing it up. Take some rose water, add a bit of lemon juice or glycerin, and put it in a spray bottle. Spray a little bit on your face before going to bed and/or right when you wake up!

Exfoliant - Baking soda

A paste of lemon juice or rose water and baking soda can be a good scrub for when you need to deeply exfoliate your skin. Just add a couple of drops of rose water or lemon juice to a teaspoon of baking soda and scrub it on! Be warned, though, as baking soda can be drying (especially when combined with lemon juice). Do not forget to moisturize!

*Note* - Everyone's skin is different, so not all items work for everyone. When trying a new product, be sure to test a little bit of it on a small patch of your face first so you know that it will not harm you.

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