Who is Sana Galaria?

Like many typical teenagers in Virginia, Sana Galaria wakes up around 7 AM for school and comes home around 3 PM. At home though, her day is different from those typical teenagers. For about 30 minutes after school, Sana plays with her pet pygmy goats! When she was younger, Sana and her siblings wanted a pet but could never get one because of her brother’s allergies. Her mom was looking for a pet that wouldn’t cause any allergies and found out about Nigerian pygmy goats, which are exactly like dogs, but can live outside. They adopted some and ever since then, they have loved their goats. After playing with her goats, Sana does her homework, and she spends any free time she has talking to her friends.

Like the typical MYNA camper, Sana made amazing friends and had a fun and amazing experience at the MYNA 2019 spring camp. She decided to go to MYNA because her sister had gone to the previous camp and had had so much fun with friends and overall loved it. Aside from spending time with friends, Sana loves playing sports with her siblings, and loves reading. Her favorite book is Harry Potter because it teaches you that you can grow up to be anything you want to be. Success to Sana is achieving the goals you have set for yourself. When she grows up, Sana wants to become a doctor. Almost everyone in her family is a doctor, and she wants to become one so she can provide help to those who need it.