Who is Muhaarij Khan?

At 18 years young, Muhaarij Khan lives in Saint Louis, Missouri. He’s been to MYNA a few times. He actually wanted nothing to do with the camp at first, but much to his surprise, his reluctance turned into a life changing experience. He says he’s created lifetime friendships through MYNA and has learned so much through it, calling it a blessing.

Outside of MYNA, his life is like the most of us, a perpetual cycle of studying and going to classes. I asked him if he was a morning or a night person, and he gave me the unconventional answer of: “I’m more of an afternoon person”. Muhaarij has several hobbies. He says he plays basketball and soccer in his free time, but he also enjoys reading books and writing poetry. I asked him what success meant to him and he told me that, “success to me means attaining stability in life and in the afterlife”. I find this statement truly sums up the person he is. It correlates to the one piece of advice he says he has heard and will live by forever, “ never worry about things that you cannot control”. Everyone should look at this as advice to remember in their daily lives and all their actions. Dwelling on things that are out of our control is time wasted. Pick yourself up and use the things you can control to work around the mishaps that are uncontrollable.

Muhaarij Khan’s aspirations for his future self are not only to be successful but most importantly to have a good understanding of life and the world around him. Overall, for this earth, he wants all the things he says are basic: peace, prosperity, knowledge, and the slowing down of climate change! Ameen to that!