Sri Lanka Attacks

On Easter morning, April 21st, six suicide bombers, attacked many places throughout Sri Lanka, after a decade of relative peace. Several churches were targeted by the terrorists in the Buddhist-majority country. Although no group has claimed responsibility, it is important to note that the Sri Lankan government may be guilty of failing to act on the many signs and warnings of the coordinated attacks at these churches and hotels.

So far, 290 have been declared dead and another 500+ are injured, including 39 tourists. In Sri Lanka, there is nobody on the streets since am emergency curfew is being observed, along with a social media ban. Other countries and organizations have been sending condolences and help to Sri Lanka. For example, Interpol, or the International Criminal Police Organization, has sent a team to investigate and give assistance to Sri Lankan authorities. In addition, the USA and Indian intelligence and security agency have stepped in to gather information vital to track the group which planned the attacks.

The attacks have offset the international safety, economy, and foreign relations. As more information is being released about the tragedy, it is important to keep Sri Lanka in our prayers and safety a priority. Whatever group is responsible for this, it is crucial for us to remember not to generalize. In order for people to coexist, we must not let hatred and fear take over ourselves. That would only mean victory for those responsible.

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