Who is Mohammad Rashid?

An avid hummus lover and fervent dreamer with a strong passion for entertainment. Anyone who knows Mohammad Rashid would immediately think this article was based on him. The eldest of his three other siblings, the 22 year old was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and raised in the small town of Fishers, Indiana. When he was only a few years old and the only child they had, the family decided to leave the coast’s chaos for the stillness of the midwest. Originally, Mohammad proudly identifies as a Palestinian, as both of his parents came to the United States from their homeland of the Gaza Strip. He’s been to MYNA a single time in Chicago, but he does state that he wishes his childhood involved more of it. Everyone needs a little time away from home to grow with new people sometimes.

Outside of the few days of respite that MYNA provides, Mohammad is just like any other college student. He states that like any other student, “I procrastinate all semester till my deadlines, because we all claim we do our best when we are cramming...Whenever I go out to eat, I play the common game, ‘Will my card decline or not?’. I also never get enough sleep, and always promise myself I’ll sleep early the next day...which I don’t”. Despite all of this, he’s made it to senior year in his studies to become a doctor, headed towards the excitement of Medical School very soon inshAllah. One hobby that he takes on, when he isn’t studying or doing school work, is acting. A lot of movies, in his opinion, are too predictable and too cliche (other than Kingsman: Secret Service, which he wants everyone who reads this to go watch immediately). So, he makes his own. He’s started and maintained a Youtube Channel called “Moshido Productions”, where he posts original skits that he writes and produces with groups of his friends. They’ve made a variety of different videos, including a music video called “Haram Police”, a comedy called “Sheb Sheb Jedi”, and an action movie called “Killing the Peace”. From simply making others laugh to sending important messages to his audience, the creation of all these different videos are something he is good at and something he genuinely finds a special joy in. He says, “I love putting smiles on other people’s faces, and I love it when kids from my community come and tell me about how they enjoyed my videos and all about their favorite parts. The entire process of making videos has been super fun and entertaining, and I hope I can keep doing it for a very long time”. The importance of other people’s happiness in Mohammad’s life and mind couldn’t be overstated.

Success to Mohammad also revolves entirely around other people. He says that the utmost success he can attain is to be able to take care of his family and the people he loves. He wants to make sure the people that are close to him are closer to Allah. Everytime he is doing anything at all, he says that he tends to put it in the perspective of another person. When I asked him what the one piece of advice he lives by is, he answered, “This seems very cheesy, but honest to God the one piece of advice that I have lived by for a very long time comes from the Prophet Mohammad(PBUH). He (PBUH) once said, ‘treat people the way you would love to be treated.’ This is a saying I have stayed true to all my life”. Again, there is a reoccuring and admirable trait here that we can learn from, where the way other people feel is an aspect that we must keep in mind when we interact with them. It’ll give us the same open mindedness and peace of mind that the Prophet (PBUH) wants us Muslims to portray to the rest of the world, especially in a time when it is extremely crucial that we do.

Overall, his aspirations for himself and the world we live in is to discover personal ambitions and chase them no matter what. He said, “InshAllah I am going to work hard in Med school and at the same time continue to do something I love on the side. I am going to continue to pursue my dream, continue to entertain others. Because in the end, what’s the point of living if you aren’t doing something you love”. That last line is something that we can all take and add to our personal lives. Identify and pursue your passions, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, as Confucius once said. Mohammad is someone who can make young Muslims around the world feel proud to be Muslim, and will one day inshAllah. Until then, and until his name is broadcasted on the big screen, I hope you’ve learned enough about him through this article. Go check out and support his Youtube Channel, and chase your craziest dreams.