Who is Huda Waheed?

In New Jersey, just outside of New York City, a little girl sits on the roof of her family’s car, licking ice cream and making up pretend constellations out of helicopters in the night sky. Fast forward several years, that girl is now a 16 year old in Maryland, and her name is Huda Waheed. Huda describes her average day as one “like any regular student.” She wakes up early for school, participates in after school clubs including Model UN, Red-Cross, and Girl Up, gets home, and starts her homework. Sprinkle in some precious free time and Huda will seize the opportunity to do some embroidering or painting.

Huda is quite involved in MYNA; she was the program chair for a 2018 winter regional MYNA camp and on the program subcommittee for a recent MYNA Jam. MYNA’s environment has helped Huda grow spiritually and allowed her to make new friends.

On a little Post-It note on Huda’s desk, “Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear” is written. Every time she looks at it, Huda sees a reminder from Allah (SWT) saying “you got this, keep going, I believe in you.” It reminds her that no matter how stressed, scared, or sad life makes her, Allah (SWT) will always be there for her. Huda hopes that with Allah (SWT)’s support, her life will be one that when looked back upon, was a life worth living.

In the future, Huda hopes to continue growing in her deen, and as a person. She also hopes that the world will become a place where people learn to love themselves, and be more understanding and open-minded toward things that seem foreign or new.