On New Zealand

“Hello Brother,” said the Muslim brother who welcomed the stranger into the mosque.

Shots sounded throughout the mosque as Jummah Services proceeded.

50 dead, and counting.

On March 15th, 2019, Gunman and terrorist Brenton Harrison Tarrant entered two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

New Zealand Senator Fraser Anning spoke out about the shooting, referencing the problem of immigration. He blamed Muslim immigration and defended the terrorist for the actions. That Senator was then egged by a teen during a news report, and now may be facing charges for hitting the teen.

Here is what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern did after news broke out about the shooting. She gave her condolences, wearing a hijab and offering support, mentally and physically, to each of the families and those affected by the acts. “There will be changes to our guns laws,” Ardern said at a news conference. “We will be discussing more detailed policy elements at cabinet tomorrow.” Moreover, she wants to open her borders to more refugees.

This tragedy has affected the lives of Muslims around the world. It could have been any of us, attending Jummah.

What this event made me wonder the most is how come when a Muslim, who is clearly an extremist, not aligning with any real views of Islam, is the attacker, every single person, especially Muslims, know and talk about it. Muslims always feel the need to apologize on behalf of a person that is, in reality, not one of our own. Why? How come when any white man attacks the innocent, we just assume that they were mentally ill and not the mainstream, average Joe. I find it especially concerning that it is even okay that some white folks do not even know about this tragedy, or any others that have been committed not by a minority. It is disgusting to think that we still live in a world with blatant racism and bigotry. A world where white supremacy and privilege is often used to oppress minorities.

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