Avoiding Sleep Deprivation

Sometimes waking up and getting out of bed can feel like your hardest task of the day. How can you stop yourself from hitting the snooze button 15 times? Here are some tips!

- Start by planning ahead for the morning during the night before. Take out your clothes, pack your stuff, plan your meals, and keep everything ready. You will allow yourself some extra sleep or more time to wake yourself up in the morning.

- Do not use the snooze button at all! Studies have shown that this disturbs your overall sleep pattern since your state of sleep is constantly being disturbed. Instead, set one alarm for the latest time you can wake up and keep your alarm clock far away from your bed so you do not turn it off and go back to sleep.

- Wake up and expose yourself to light. Whether you open the curtains or turn on some natural lights, this will help your brain wake up.

- Most importantly, go to bed earlier! Do this by putting away all of your electronic devices early, managing your time with your work, and limiting your caffeine intake after 5 pm.

Image Credit - WorldArtsMe