Healthy Snacking!

Snacking can be good for you—as long as you're smart about it. Here are some tips on how to snack healthier and more effectively.

1. Just add hot water! - A trick I learned in college was to always carry around a tea bag or instant oatmeal, so I could stop by at a coffee shop, ask for some hot water, and boom! Have a healthy, affordable snack!

2. H2O - Often it is thirst that makes you think you are hungry, which causes you to snack! Make sure to drink plenty of H2O.

3. Distinguish emotional hunger vs physical hunger - Sometimes we just snack to fill time or as a distraction; try to snack or eat only when you actually are hungry instead of when you are bored or as a comfort! Next time you are thinking of grabbing those chips, think about whether you are actually hungry or not.

4. Pick ‘healthy’ snacks wisely! - Opt for snacks with more protein and/or fiber, as those will keep you full for longer! It may be higher in calories but will be better in the long run.

5. Plan ahead - Packing fruits and veggies before hand and having them on hand can motivate you to gravitate towards those snacks instead of any outside food.

6. Reduce outside food - Not only can it be overpriced, but most of the time outside food can be high in calories and in saturated and trans fat which are not good for you.

7. Think twice before you sip - Beverages with high sugar content can even worse than eating cake and/or doughnut sometimes as the sugary liquid passes through your body faster than a solid food, which causes your sugar levels to spike faster than they should. Opt for slightly sweetened or just plain H2O if you can!

Remember to stay hydrated and happy snacking!

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