Reflections From a MYNA Volunteer

In my few months volunteering for MYNA, I feel like I’ve learned so much. As a member of the South Central Finance Subcommittee, I got to connect with others in my area, telling them about MYNA and raising funds for financial aid and supplies. Speaking with the younger and elder Muslims at masajid near me allowed me to see the differences in learning environments. As a member of the MYNA Moments Blog, I got to see the many different perspectives of past, present, and inshallah, future MYNA kids. I get to see recipes, world reflections, and quotes that I hope will remain in my mind for any occasion. These jobs are certainly going on my resume lol.

Volunteering for MYNA has helped me so much with senses of leadership, social interaction, and advertisement. It became something I’m passionate about, not just as my first “job,” but as the first organization I actually feel a part of, something I can contribute to and feel good about. I use these skills and lessons MYNA has taught me in my everyday life, and I plan to keep it up, be it in a job, in raising future children, or whatever I do in life.

MYNA has given me nearly everything I need to survive adulthood, when I get there inshaAllah. Alhamdulillah.