Our Duty: Da'wah

As Muslim youth in North America, our actions and behaviors are of the utmost importance. The way we behave is analyzed and picked apart, whether on social media or within people’s subconscious. As a girl wearing hijab, I am a conspicuous representative of Islam and people can quickly identify and judge my faith. It is our duty to behave in a way that gives the best image of Islam; to not misrepresent it and sully the idea of tawheed for someone else. Our everyday behavior can either bring people towards Islam or push them farther from it and it is our job to continue to make da’wah. Making da’wah does not always mean to knock at people’s doors or to preach in the streets; Allah SWT says “Invite to the path of your Lord with wisdom and good advice” (An-Nahl 16:125). It can be as simple as smiling (sadaqah) or saying thank you and being respectful to anyone we interact with throughout the day. It’s a good thing to remember our actions because doing something as small as helping a woman at the grocery store can bring both you and her closer to Allah SWT and lead you to Jannah.

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