Five Before Five

Regarding our lives, there are five matters that the Prophet Muhammad (S) told us to take advantage of:

1. Our youth before we become old

2. Our health before our illness

3. Our wealth before poverty

4. Our free time before we become preoccupied

5. Our life before our death

On the Day of Judgement, each and every one of us will be questioned whether we fulfilled our obligations during the prime of our lives. As Muslims, we need to be aware of the blessings given to us by Allah(SWT) and express our understanding and appreciation through our actions. When we fail to follow through on the things Allah(SWT) has asked us to do, it shows a lack of gratitude to our Lord. Rather than complaining about what we do not have and what we have lost, we should strive to fully utilize the provisions bestowed upon us by Allah (SWT) to worship Him, make dawah, and improve the society we live in. In acknowledgement of this hadith, we should take advantage of these five matters.

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