An Eye Opening Experience

Going to MYNA camp was an experience I will never forget. I went for my first camp last summer and can’t wait to go again. The friendships I made at MYNA are friendships I know I will have forever. So many bonds were made in that single week that I feel are irreplaceable. MYNA is like a family. There were so many moments at camp where I felt this way. The open circle discussions and late night talks we had made me realize just how significant of an impact MYNA was having on my life. I could ask my counselors about anything and knew it would be a judgement free zone. In the week I was there, I learned about my religion and how to be a better Muslim. I didn’t just gain knowledge about my faith, but about things in the real world too. I’m looking forward to going to another camp soon. Overall, MYNA was an eye opening experience, to say the least.