A "Little Bit" of MYNA

I think MYNA has incredible camps where you can learn about Islam and have fun, which in my opinion is one of the best combinations. I’m still too young to attend a camp, but my brothers and sisters have all attended. Na’ilah (my older sister) is always telling me to go and get involved as soon as I turn 12. She tells me all about camps she’s been to and she tries to teach me the lessons she learns, but she likes to say that it’s a “junior version” of what she actually learns. A couple of days ago I really wanted to learn more about Islam, and because my big sister was home, I asked her about MYNA, since camp might be a good place to start. By now, I’m sure I know everything about MYNA. I’m really excited for when it’s my turn, because I can’t wait to learn new things and have fun and make new Muslim friends.

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