How to Relax After a Long Day

Sometimes spending a whole day or a whole week working and/or going to school can exhaust your body. Instead of tiring yourself out even more, try out some of these simple relaxation methods!

1) Meditate

Take your mind off of all of the things stressing or tiring you out!

2) Read a good book

Curling up with an enjoyable book is definitely a great way to get your mind to relax and end a tiring day.

3)Take a bath

Throw in some bubble bath or a bath bomb and relax away! Even better, use the DIY bath bomb recipe from the Myna Moments Blog!

4) Unplug from your devices

Even if you are not working on your phone or computer, your brain needs a break from it. Do not spend your relaxation time scrolling through social media!

5) Change into comfortable clothing!

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