Who is Pashmina Khan?

Named after a type of South Asian fabric, a product of her Pakistani roots, Pashmina Khan is a highschool sophomore who is very passionate about the arts and community service. As one of fifteen Muslims, one of five Pakistanis, and one of two hijabis in her school, she proudly represents the Muslim community daily.

Pashmina strives to to get closer to her deen everyday, and MYNA offered her an easy outlet to accomplish this goal. For her, MYNA fosters a spiritual environment that can’t be found anywhere else. MYNA has helped Pashmina learn more about her faith, along with making lifelong friends.

Outside of MYNA, Pashmina’s day usually consists of early mornings doing homework and praying Fajr, afternoons playing squash, and nights full of joking with her friends and watching Spongebob. To her, nights are always superior to mornings because “the only great thing about mornings is breakfast, and if you really want you can have breakfast at night.” Pashmina is also very passionate about filmmaking; her hands are always glued to a camera and a tripod. If she could, she would spend all her days editing on Premiere Pro. To her ,“if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is worth at least a million.”

At a young age, Pashmina was given a simple yet immensely powerful piece of advice that she lives by daily: “Do everything with Allah (SWT) in your heart.” This past summer, in Wadi Rum, Jordan, Pashmina witnessed the incredible beauty created by Allah: the stars in the night sky, which left her speechless, saying nothing except “Subhanallah.” With Allah always in mind, success to Pashmina is walking through the gates of Jannah with her family and friends beside her, not to mention giving others around her a good laugh.

In the future, Pashmina aspires to be a filmmaker, tackling important issues through cinematography and storytelling. Last year, she visited and created a film of two elementary schools in Pakistan that her and her sister fundraised to build, alongside the Swat Relief Initiative. She prays that in the future, she’ll continue to visit places like Swat and showcase their beauty, potential, and youth. Most of all, she hopes that in the future, the world will acknowledge the worth of places like Swat, Pakistan.