Life As a Muslim

I am proud to be a Muslim. Of course, I was born Muslim, but I always loved to learn about other religions and cultures. When I was growing up as a kid, I was always told to memorize the Quran. I never understood what the surahs (chapters) really meant, so I thought I was following the religion blindly. It was at the start of high school when I really dug deep into religion. I watched videos, read religious texts, and took notes. The easiest way for me to learn was through the informational videos and debates. I have always been a Muslim, but I was able to learn more about Islam and other religions throughout this process. There aren’t any perfect Muslims. There just aren’t! Everyone has made sins in their past. As a Muslim American, the culture in America is different than the culture in the Middle East. The environment in public schools and colleges are different in America than in Muslim countries. It is hard to adapt in these types of environments as a Muslim where there is a lot of sinning going on. For me, I keep my circle small and balanced. You are the average of your five closest friends.