Screen Time on IOS

For those of you who have iPhones that are updated to the latest IOS, read this to learn more about the helpful new Screen Time feature!

If you find yourself on your phone a little bit too much, this is a great way to check yourself and create limits so that you are better setting yourself up for success.

1) How to get there

Open the Settings App and go to "Screen Time". It is located in the second section under "Do Not Disturb"

2) Checking your average overall screen time and app breakdown

At the top of the screen, click on the name of your phone, which takes you to your updated screen time report. It gives you a daily and weekly average report. It will show your overall time on screen with category break downs, such as social networking, productivity, entertainment, reading and reference, and more. If you scroll further down you can see time on each and every app.

3) Downtime

You can set specific daily hours for yourself every day where only phone calls and certain apps of your choosing are allowed. For example, if you do not want to be on your phone past 10PM so you can get sleep, you can turn downtime on starting at 10PM and ending in the morning.

4) App Limits

In my opinion, this is the most helpful feature. You can create limits on certain apps so you are only allowed to use them for a specific amount of time. For example, I have set a 1 hour per day limit on all social networking apps, and it has really lowered my screentime and has increased my productivity. You can even have someone set up a password for you on these limits. If only someone else in your house knows this password, it prevents you from overriding the limit yourself and continuing your screen time.

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