New Year New Me!

New Year’s resolutions can be scary and hard to follow through on. here are some small tips and tricks on how to make your New Year’s resolutions for 2019 stick.

1. Make realistic goals: creating large, unreasonable goals can create stress and make you want to stop altogether, where as making small realistic goals will allow you to complete them faster and also feel more accomplished.

2. Create a timeline: break your goal down into steps and create deadlines for each of them; this will help you gain perspective and help you in achieving your goal.

3. Start small: decide to change one aspect of your routine and stick with it rather than making a drastic change. This’ll make it easier to follow through with it.

4. Do it together: find a friend or family member to complete the goal with; this will keep you motivated and create friendly competition which can help you reach your goal!

5. It’s OK to have an off day: if you mess up, don’t quit altogether. Just start over the next day and continue with your plan to reach your goal.

6. Document your journey: writing down achievements or your progress can help you track your goal and can be a good thing to look back on once your goal has been completed.

7. Reward yourself: Whenever you make a big achievement or A significant step towards your goal merits a small, personal reward to keep you motivated.

InshAllah I hope you all accomplish your goals this new year!

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