The MYNA Fam

As a shy kid who isn’t used to being around or talking to so many Muslims, it was uncomfortable at first, but I warmed to the idea. I’ve been to 4 MYNA camps since 2017, and I can say for certain that my favorite part is and will always be the people. I’ve connected more with my brother, Sufyan. Even with PPL, I feel like I’ve found my people and made stronger bonds with my sisters. I’ve made so many new friends including, Ibrahim, Zaid, Mouadh, Hazem, and Jaafar—mainly the especially dope counselors who volunteer their time, love, and dedication to us campers. They make me feel like I can do so much with my life, and it’s made me realize my desire to travel the world or do something big like MYNA does. I’d love to get more involved and even be a counselor some day inshAllah. All in all, MYNA is a great organization with super fun camps.