The Power of Duaa

Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: ‘Truly! To Allah we belong, and truly, to Him, we shall return.
— Baqarah 156

I recently got into my first car “accident”. It was not much of an accident seeing that there was no damage except for a few scratches on both cars. It was terrifying to say the least though. I have only been a licensed driver for about 8 months. I, alhamdulillah, have never been in a car accident, not even with my parents, let alone with a friend in the car. The lady whose car got a scratch was unbelievably nice. My dad came in a matter of twenty minutes, and the lady cleared up the issue. We exchanged information, and I was off driving again in the next hour. My friend was extremely calm as this took place, which definitely cut the tension and shock I was in.

After this minor incident, which was taken care of quicker than expected, I began reflecting on how it was actually a healthy reminder of Allah’s mercy. The initial inklings of this thought left me intellectually confused. But I soon came to realize that I could not thank Allah enough for protecting my friend and I from a potentially worse scenario. I remember that we both said the duaa’ for travelling which I full-heartedly believe is the reason we were safe. The only problem was that I definitely did not say the duaa’ with the full authenticity of its purpose. I did as most of us do - mumble the duaa’ in a lackluster fashion. It was more of a habit saying it than it was genuine. This led to me believing that my lack of sincerity was the reason this event occurred.

A reminder for myself, my friends, and hopefully anyone that reads this: every duaa’ is important for its sole intent and purpose. From driving, going to the bathroom, taking a test, changing your clothes, or even sleeping. Just like the above Ayah states, everything happens for a reason. It is upon us to realize the reason and remember that everything we say and do affects our life and the events that take place around us. Always remember Allah because if you do, He will remember you.

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