Choose Your Path


The Eternal Abyss


The Eternal Bliss

You will go to one or the other

You may live or you may suffer

We all have a choice to make

Al-Akhira will decide where

A day unlike any other

We’ll all be under the sun’s glare

Everyone - even grandmothers

And with nothing to wear

Every one of our sins uncovered

But do not despair

Jannah is the ultimate reward

This is what we should strive toward

Follow the path of your Lord

Indeed, He sent a Messenger

He cut through ignorance like a sword

He is our salvation

Organized us into one nation

With the best reputation

He is an example for us all

Without him, we would fall

His Sunnah is the key

From praying to tax fees

They call him Sadiq-ul-Ameen

And he taught us to be clean

And to believe in the unseen

The only role model we should take

Through pain and heartbreak

He did the impossible

He created an empire

And led us away from Hellfire

Let us make duaa and say

Let the Prophet intervene for us on the Last Day

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