How to (Attempt) to Become a Morning Person

Mornings tend to be a super important part of the day, and its no fun dreading them. Instead, try to embrace them! Here are some tips on how to be more productive + enjoy early mornings a little bit more!

1. SLEEP - This seems like an obvious point but its one of the most important! Getting a good 8 hours of sleep is important and can help you feel so much better in the mornings.

2. ROUTINE - Creating a set schedule for your mornings can help you get into the rhythm of it, and if you do it enough, it’ll become a reflex!

3. SUNRISES - This is one of my favorite things about mornings and one of the most rewarding!! Relaxing and watching a sunrise is such a simple pleasure and can really make you appreciate mornings more.

4. BREAKFAST - Eat a nutrient filled breakfast to start your morning and to keep you fueled for the day! Not to mention eating will help you wake up and be less drowsy.

5. SNOOZE - Disrupting sleep an hour or so before actually getting out of bed may disturb your REM cycle, which helps stimulate the brain regions linked to cognition. Set one alarm when you plan on waking up and one later just in case!

6. PREPARE - Do everything the night before! Outfit? Lay it out. Breakfast? Make some overnight oats. Bags? Keep them in the car! More organization = easier mornings!

7. LIGHT - The light from your phone/laptop can shift your circadian rhythms, which makes it harder to sleep at night. Keep your phone on “Night Shift” or just cut out electronics an hour before you go to bed. (I like using that time to read a book instead!)

8. POWER THROUGH - It can be hard sometimes, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet! If you keep getting up at a certain time, it will become muscle memory and will be beneficial and helpful in the long run — as well as transform you into a morning person!