Tips to freshen up your closet as a modest dresser!

Here are a couple tips to freshen up your closet as a modest dresser!

- Maxi skirts: A closet staple! They could easily be paired up with a long sleeve top or a a top with a jacket over it.

- Maxi dresses: Wear a long sleeve underneath your dress and your outfit is already complete!

- Jean jackets: A must-have in every person’s closet! Whether it is a light wash, dark wash, or any other color, it doesn’t add more bulk to an outfit when you’re on the go!

- High waisted pants: Go to your local Forever 21 or Target and they will have them in every aisle in different patterns, colors, and fabrics to meet everyone’s needs.

- Blazers: A blazer comes in lots of different colors and prints so you can throw it on a dress or a top and jeans to make an outfit more dressier!

- Cardigans: For those times of year that get more chilly, cardigans become your best friend because they come in different colors, patterns, and fabrics.

If you have any of these items in your closet, you can easily mix and match outfits depending on your mood or the weather outside!