Some Florence Feelings

Florence is stirring a storm. No, not the Italian Renaissance city in Tuscany. Hurricane Florence is currently underway in the Southeastern Coast and is expected to cause up to 50 inches of flooding in some coastal areas - comparable to last year’s Hurricane Harvey in Houston, which dumped around 27 trillion gallons of water and destroyed 30,000 homes. Hurricane Florence is predicted to impact 5 million people, including 3 million people who may not have power. Unfortunately, individuals have already lost their lives to Hurricane Florence. In efforts to avoid any further catastrophes, the government has ordered over 1 million people in Virginia and the Carolinas to evacuate and seek safety.

I read an Instagram post by Usthada Yasmin Mogahed a few days ago in which Mogahed draws parallels between hurricane season and our lives. In Mogahed’s post, she poignantly asks the question: what would happen if all the potential hurricane victims did not evacuate or even prepare? As Mogahed mentions “What if we insisted that we were too busy with our lives, our jobs, our friends, our money, to prepare or take shelter?” Mogahed then compares such and act to refusing to prepare for The Ultimate Storm that is on its way: the Day of Judgement. Mogahed reminds us that we are oftentimes so caught up with things in our lives--school, jobs, money, social media, socializing, what we wear, what we own, how we appear with people on and offline, etc., that we can start to forget to prepare for the Day of Judgement. To be clear, those aspects of our lives can be important and should merit attention. That being said, we should not simply have our minds occupied over those aspects at the expense of neglecting to prepare for The Storm; if we ignore the warning signs in our lives - such as natural disasters or even taking our final exams - which expose our limits and powerlessness in front of Allah, then we are only fooling ourselves. Because, whether or not we prepare to brace The Storm, The Storm is coming.

With that, please stay safe and make dua for everyone’s safety.

Information for this brief piece was taken from Vox and The Guardian.