DIY Bath Bomb

Need a new way to relax and chill out? Make your own bath bomb! Bath bombs are always fun to use and smell amazing. This simple recipe will provide you with the relaxation that is perfect to end a long day.


1 cup of baking soda

1/2 cup of citric acid

1/2 cup of Epsom salts

1 teaspoon of water

2 teaspoons of essential oil

3 teaspoons oil (olive oil)

food coloring (any color you want)

Directions: Whisk the dry ingredients together in a medium sized bowl. In a separate bowl, mix the liquid ingredients together. This includes the essential oils, which are what make the bath bomb smell like the store-bought ones while adding extra comfort! Lavender is one of the best essential oils to use in this case. Do not forget to add food coloring of your favorite color as well. Gradually add the liquid mixture to the dry ingredients, and mix it all together. The result should be a powdery mixture which holds its shape. Work quickly to pack the mixture into either a bath bomb mold or muffin tin. After letting it dry, pop it into the bathtub filled with water and relax away!