Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips

  • Make to-do lists: It will give your day structure and writing stuff done will help you remember to do them. Checking items off the list is always satisfying!

  • Avoid lyrics: A lot of people like to listen to music while working but songs with lyrics but be distracting, try instrumental or white noise to block out sound instead, you’ll be less easily distracted

  • Control cell-phone usage: We’ve all been there, sometimes it's really hard to not check your notifications but try not to! Apps like ‘Forest’ can help you stay off your phone when you really need to get work done

  • Wake up earlier: Start your day at a slower pace and avoid being rushed. I also find that i get more stuff done in the early morning as well as feel more refreshed

  • Have a set morning/night routine: Having a set routine will save you time in the long run, as well as give you structure in your life. It also builds momentum and reduces procrastination

  • Set realistic goals: Break down bigger goals into smaller ones, this will make them easier to accomplish and will keep you more organized

  • Think ahead: Plan for the following day as well as the rest of the week. Have a list of things that need to be accomplished daily as well as weekly, and even monthly

  • Take breaks: Small 10 minute breaks in between work can increase your productivity and make you more energized. Try to avoid going over 10 minutes or you’ll get distracted but breaks are important for maximum productivity!

  • REWARD YOURSELF. When we reward ourselves after a job well done, it makes doing it the next time that much sweeter. Take the time to recognize milestones and reward yourself for it!