Easy Peasy Broke College Life Foods

College is expensive & super busy & its super easy to start eating unhealthy! Here are some food/recipes that are super cheap and easy to make from the comfort of your own dorm:

Oatmeal - An underrated legend! Oatmeal goes pretty unnoticed usually, but they are super rich in antioxidants and added with some fruit and berries can make a super fulfilling meal!

Yogurt - Filled with calcium and protein, with some granola and fruit, yogurt can make a great breakfast or snack and satisfy that sweet tooth!

Veggie Burrito Bowl - Find some pre-cooked brown rice, add some black beans, fresh avocado, cheese and salsa and you’ve got your own (healthier) version of chipotle! Feel free to add other veggies to your liking as well!

Mason Jar Salads - These are super easy to make the night before and have ready to go in the morning so you don’t waste any time! Put your favorite dressing, veggies, cheese and type of lettuce in a mason jar (wet ingredients towards the bottom, lettuce on top to keep it crisp) place in the fridge and take it out the next day and enjoy!

These are just a couple ideas, make sure to always stay hydrated and get all your nutrients in!