Tips for High School Seniors

As a fresh high school graduate, theres a couple things I wish I knew before my senior year had started. Senior year is filled with emotion, from getting into college to saying goodbye to the friends you’ve made in highschool. Here are a couple tips to help you through!!


  1. Don’t procrastinate!!!! - I know everyone says this but really, don’t do it. Finish your college apps before hand, get second opinions, fill out all your forms and financial aid and scholarship stuff on time, and never leave anything to the last minute! You never know what could come up!
  2. Ask for help - Its important to reach out to older friends or teachers or trusted adults with concerns, applying for college is a scary and big thing and can be super confusing at first! Get advice and don’t be afraid to ask fro help.
  3. Branch out - Try out a new club! Or join a sports team! Its your last year in high school, make it memorable! I painted a mural at my school senior year, my friend decided to create a new club! The options for things to do is endless! Make your mark before you leave.
  4. School spirit - Make your last year fun /memorable and participate in spirit days or rallies! You are never too cool for it and it makes all the difference!
  5. Look ahead - Make sure you explore your future, your college plans, career plans etc, and create a timeline or goals to achieve in the future. Not having it figured out is totally okay, everyone finds their way eventually! But having a general idea of the direction you want to go in, and making steps towards that, is always good.

InshaAllah your senior year goes as planned, if not better!

Best wishes Class of 2019!