Letter From the President

Assalamu alaykum,
    Alhamdulilah, I’ve been blessed to be apart of this family for 8 years now- Every single day has been a blessing from Allah. It is truly unlike any other experience or organization I’ve come across. As this year comes to an end and my time on the executive committee comes to a close, I’d like to pay homage to this organization that serves as a home to many youth around the country.

MYNA is an organization that is defined by the decades of young people who have celebrated its mission, including the thousand Muslim youth who have attended the events of this year alone. We are the aspiring writers, artists, and doctors. We are the future business tycoons, scientists,  and activists. We are the rising poets, lawyers and politicians of tomorrow, but make no mistake, we are the leaders of today and this is our time.

    This is the time where we have to delve into ourselves, our identities and our deen. The time where we truly reflect on what it means to be Muslim and American, both authentically and unapologetically. The time where the interactions we have matter more than ever and where the imprints we leave on others will resonate for years to come.

    This is our time and MYNA has stepped up to the plate. We have continued to expand our reach as an organization by establishing a presence across the US and Canada, from California to Virginia, Florida to Toronto and Texas to Michigan. We have diversified our program to employ aspects of service, activism and faith and have allowed Muslim youth a platform to grow their leadership skills and put the sunnah of our beloved prophet into practice everyday.

    This is our time. The time where being a young muslim in America has never borne more weight than it does today. This is the time where we shatter stereotypes, standards and labels that are plastered upon us. The time where we push ourselves to be the positive and unified presence we need in today’s divisive society. The time where although we are forced to endure fear, uncertainty and heartbreak, we continue to grow, unapologetically demanding justice, endlessly excelling and truly stepping up to be the leaders of today. Because our time is now.

    MYNA is an organization that is so rare, yet so beautifully necessary in this day and age. I pray that inshallah, we can and will continue to do the work we’ve done in the past, and continue to push forward being a service and a home to the Muslim Youth in North American. We ask for your support in creating spaces, empowering us and helping us change, enlighten and awaken our communities in order to propel us all into new heights. We are the muslim youth, and our time is now.

Sana Baban