The Blog: A Year of Reflection

Alhamdulillah, I have had the privilege of serving as the “World Reflections” section editor on behalf of the MYNA Moments Blog this past year. The position has encouraged (making use of classic euphemistic language here) me to garner far-reaching knowledge about the world and reflect on the implications said knowledge has upon me while at the same time inching me further and further in my personal journey of self-discovery. You see, the blog is not just any ordinary blog where some kids vent about their lives. Rather the blog is a symbol, a platform built on expression. And as no reader is capable of missing, the blog truly does thrive off expression, that is yourself in a medium that is not yourself. Whether it be through paintings, typically manifestations of one’s soul, or reflections, bona fide windows into one’s fickle yet constant consciousness, the blog embraces the theme of expression in a time when suppression of young, Muslim voices is at an all time high. Expression is our currency, the blog our cashier, and change our desire. Entering its third year, the blog has never been a more effective channeler of the Muslim expression, and as the incoming Editor-in-Chief, I can confidently tell you the blog’s upcoming year is not to be ignored. The blog’s goal has always been to provide those feeling religiously chained with a newfound sense of religious liberation by invigorating their pride in Islam, and from day one, the blog has tirelessly strived toward that, powered by the youth and their insuppressible voice.