Hajj 2018 Wraps Up!

Just a few days ago, the largest annual migration in the world, Hajj, concluded. While it is far too early to announce the statistics for the 2018 cycle, the numbers from 2017 are still available to blow your mind. Last year alone, almost two and a half million people made the pilgrimage, nearly 75% of whom made the travel internationally. Two and a half million! Just take a moment and really think about that number. Such a large crowd required more than 3500 buses running around the clock to transport and over 100,000 officers to ensure the protection of all the pilgrims (numbers according to Inquirer.net). SubhanAllah. It’s funny that despite its importance, it can be easy for us to forget the religious significance of Hajj, especially if we ourselves are not attending that year. But this is a dangerous deviation. Even if we aren’t going, the days and nights of Hajj are sacred and designated for spiritual captivation. As one of our religion’s sacred pillars, Hajj should therefore constantly hold a revered position in our hearts, regardless of where we happen to be when it comes each year.