How Much Water do We Really Have?

Ahhh. Water. So refreshing. So abundant. What would I do on a hot Summer day without it? The shocking truth is, there isn’t as much water out there as you would think. At least, not water that we can drink. Let’s start with all the water in the world, 100%. Most of the water that we see on maps or photos from space is salt water - in other words, it’s undrinkable and impractical for most traditional uses. And when I say ‘most,’ I mean about 97.5% of all the water in the world. So, now our supply of drinking water is down to just 2.5%. It’s too bad that 60% of that 2.5% is locked in glaciers at the poles. Well, now you might be thinking that’s not that much water, in which case, you’d be right since out of the whole world’s water supply, we’re now looking at only about 1% of that being accessible, drinking water. But it gets better (or worse)! More than 99% of that 1% of water is used up for industrial or miscellaneous purposes, leaving us with less than 0.1% of the whole world’s water supply at our disposal (statistics according to National Geographic). Take a moment, and think about how small of a number that is. In America, it almost seems impossible to grasp with the seemingly endless supply of water in our houses and the grocery store. But in other parts of the world, in areas less fortunate, these numbers are a way of life. This should be a reminder not only to be grateful for what Allah (SWT) has granted us, but also to be moderate in its use.



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