My Second Home

MYNA is an amazing place. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve learned that MYNA is where I discovered myself. It’s the place where I can be the best possible version myself. The week long camps are the best because you take a week to get away from all the distractions in life such as social media, music, and TV. At my first camp I dreaded the words “No phones allowed.” Now, I barely even miss my phone or even think about it. The best thing about MYNA is the people. You walk into a camp knowing barely anyone if not no one at all. If you make an effort to get to know these people you’ll realize how special each and every one of them is. One thing I like to do is get to know every girls name by the end of camp. Even if you’re a shy person, the environment and the people can change you without even realizing it. MYNA is such an amazing thing that I hold close to my heart, it’s like a second home.