If I am asked to summarize the nature of Islam and the principles of Islam in one word, I would say justice. Islam is synonymous with justice. Justice to Creator by having faith in Him and by obeying His injunctions and mandate, as He is justice. Justice to the Prophet of God by following him, as he represents the authority of God on earth. Justice to oneself by keeping it secure from sinfulness and egotism. Justice to body by keeping it healthy and free from undue exertion and illness. Justice to the soul by keeping it pure with piety. Justice in the matrimonial sphere. Justice to parents as they have been instrumental in gifting our existence. Justice to the spouse who shares the burden of leading a family life. Justice to the offspring as they are the extensions of our own life by motivating them to take the right direction in life. Justice to our neighbors by sharing with them in their moments of trial. Justice to the sick by assisting them in restoring their health. Justice to the downtrodden and the poor by supplementing their basic needs. Justice to the motherland by enjoying the fragrance of its soul by loving and promoting its prosperity and by being ready to sacrifice for it. Justice to the entire humanity by contributing to its development. Justice to knowledge by making it reach far and wide. By enabling mankind to enjoy its fruits without discrimination. Justice therefore is the foundation of Islamic principles and occupies a place next to the oneness of god.
— Saiyed Jafar Reza, Author of The Essence of Islam