I- am a person and no matter what faith I choose,

I’m human

But. I choose- Islam

It seems that everywhere I go I’m judged:

my sister wears hijab

I mean- “the head scarf” for those of you who do not know



Although it’s not spoken about, no-it’s not really told,

Hijab does not mean oppression.

It symbolizes; beauty, freedom, and blessings

But not only is hijab meant for the head,

But also the mind, whole body, and soul.

But don’t let the hijab constrict the brain, let it rain,

With the knowledge and information that we are all meant to obtain.


I am judged. on my religion, on my faith, my skin, my hair, and my clothes

I should be judged by my personality and… on my attitude.


By my religion people do stupid things-people make mistakes-people aren’t perfect.

I do stupid things-I make mistakes-and I am definitely not perfect

Because- I am a person.

I should be judged on those mistakes, imperfections and my stupidity, not by others

But I am.


People of all faiths, religions, cultures, ethnicities do wrong

But I am targeted

Me, my parents, my sister, my brothers, my aunts, uncles, and cousins

My family is targeted in airports

They’re named, searched, but no surprise. Nothing was found.


I am not a terrorist and

I. Did. Not. bomb the twin towers

And I wish people would understand- but they don’t

I wish people would understand that I was just 2 years old-barely able to talk.

I wish people would understand.


I wish people would understand that I’m not those people, that I don’t even know them

I’m on your side. I want all terrorists gone.

ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and The Taliban

I wish people would understand that I’m not those people either…

Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, and Kareem Abdul Jabar

I wish people would understand me, as me.


Me, as my faith


Now I’m not trying to preach,

I just want you to learn, I’m trying to teach

I don’t want you to be the stupid Américain than we learn in French class

Or how in history we just learn how we’re kicking everybody’s...


But. You have to understand what it’s like to be a Muslim American,

Not an American that just happens to be Muslim


But not only am I Muslim, but American, but Indian, but a human

And I live on this earth like you do,

I breathe the same air that you do,

And I’m human just like you are

So- from human to human I ask you to remember this-

Judgment is a neon green mirror.

The bright colors will blind you while looking back on yourself

-Don’t look into the mirror before it’s too late or you’ll only be able to look from the outside...

Without knowing what’s Within

I. Am. Judged.

And I’d like to say it doesn’t affect me, but it does- it’s blinding

And now I have become blind, like people often do while looking into the mirror of judgment

I. Am. A. Person.

And no matter what faith I choose,

I’m human…

But I choose- Islam.