World Cup Mania

The World Cup is in full swing! Fans around the world have flocked to Russia for what promises to be one of the biggest and most exciting events of this year if not decade. Millions more will gather in cities to watch the games from the big screen with families and friends. They will cheer louder than we could imagine, they will boo in wrenching frustration, and the most devout will even cry at their country’s loss. Heck, some have already done it. Mexico’s celebration after unexpectedly upsetting Germany was so great that it resulted in a minor earthquake, although many experts disagree, contending it was just one big coincidence. But why let science ruin all the fun? As Ronaldo continues to put on a show on behalf of the Portuguese, Lionel Messi has repeatedly disappointed with the lack of any wins for Argentina thus far in the games. Thousands have flocked to the web, drawing speculations and creating predictions for what the future has in store. But don’t get too caught up in all the excitement. It’s just soccer after all.


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