Ramadan Reminders

Ramadan is officially over and I am glad to say it felt like it hasn’t ended yet. You might ask why I say this? The reason I still feel like I am in the month of Ramadan is because I am still praying as much as I can, reading and reviewing the Quran as much as I can, and worshipping as much as I can. I am grateful for the lesson Ramadan has taught me and have learned to keep my spiritual high even after Ramadan. It is important to lift the Quran off the shelf after this Quran-filled month and keep reading, praying, worshipping. We should incorporate the book of Allah into our daily lives by reading even an ayah a day. You could also look at one ayah each day, read it, and then look at the translation. It will take max 5 minutes out of your day and it is for the sake of Allah.



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