Tips for Final Exams


With many of us in the midst of final exam season, it can be hard to study effectively while making sure you are watching out for your health. Insha'Allah, these tips will make it easier for everyone who is studying for finals!

  • Don’t stress too much, because this one test will probably not determine your entire future.
  • Remember to eat & drink water regularly while studying
  • Make a to-do list for the various exams you need to study for - By doing this, you will be able to ration your time wisely
  • Take care of yourself! - If you don’t feel well, you won’t be able to study effectively
  • Remember that you’ve spent the whole semester/year preparing for this exam - Rely on that knowledge, in addition to what you study in the weeks before the exam, to mentally prepare
  • Don’t study in long intervals, take short breaks regularly to clear your mind and help you refocus
  • If you need to, take a nap
  • Don’t try to study in one sitting if you know you won’t be able to handle it
  • Don’t pull all-nighters if you can help it
  • Study in the days and weeks leading up to the exam, rather than leaving it all to the night before
  • Finally, trust in Allah SWT that he will give you what is the best for you and help you pass!


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