Why MYNA Leadership?

What made you want to apply for the position?

"I applied to be program because I started to become more outgoing at MYNA and in my opinion program is the best position for a person that feels comfortable speaking in front of many people." (Shaza Hussein, Program Chair)

"After attending many MYNA events, I wanted to become more involved and help other people experience the joy of MYNA. I remember my first MYNA camp, which I had found out about through a friend. At first I was reluctant to attend, but that camp inspired me to attend more events and eventually, get more involved in MYNA. The friends that I made at that camp in 2013 are some of my closest friends till today. Each camp that I have attended has contributed to forming my identity. My experience with this made me want to go into PR because by getting even one person to attend a MYNA event, it can have a huge affect on them." (Janna Zaibak, Public Relations Chair)

"I chose to apply for this decision for many reasons, mainly because I enjoy organizing events like this and being a part of it." (Beelal Tebry, Camp Chair)

"Attending many MYNA camps and events in the past, I was excited to take on a role I had seen many of friends do in the past. MYNA camps have always been a wonderful experience for me. Though many worry about making friends, MYNA camps allow you to become close with people immediately and create lifelong relationships. Many of my friends have been in charge of MYNA events in the past and I felt honored to take on the same role as they did. Each camp has always had an impact on me, and I really hoped that by being Ansar chair, I would be able to do the same. " (Rayyana Hassan, Ansar Chair)

What was the most difficult part of your overall experience?

"I also felt that I had the patience it took to be program. Being program can be very stressful so you need to be able to think quickly and make good decisions. The most difficult thing to deal with is the delay of a schedule. If one thing gets delayed then the whole program also shifts back, which is why you need to think quickly on how to fix it." (Shaza Hussein, Program Chair)

"I loved being the PR chair for this camp, however one thing that I found a little difficult was not to stress over the small things that were out of my control. The thing that I loved most about PR is knowing the impact that this camp had on every single person that my subcommittee and I got to attend." (Janna Zaibak, Public Relations Chair)

"The most difficult part was making sure that everything was in check and answering all the questions you receive." (Beelal Tebry, Camp Chair)

"Ansar chair for any event is a huge responsibility, but you always have help along the way from so many different people." (Rayyana Hassan, Ansar Chair)

What is one piece of advice you would give to new members applying for MYNA leadership positions?

"If you are thinking about becoming program chair my advice is to be very firm and loud so you can get all of the campers attention when you need something to be done. Overall, being program chair was an amazing, but sometimes stressful, experience. I would do it all over again if I could!" (Shaza Hussein, Program Chair)

"I would advise anyone to apply for this position because it really helped me to improve my leadership skills." (Janna Zaibak, Public Relations Chair)

"Advice on this position would be to make sure to keep up with everything and be alert of what's going on. It was busy at times but was definitely worth it." (Beelal Tebry, Camp Chair)

"All the work I did felt very rewarding by the end of the camp and I would highly suggest anyone to apply to have a committee position, as it a wonderful and encouraging experience." (Rayyana Hassan, Ansar Chair)

Would you do it again?